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Population Matters welcomes Chris Packham as new patron

Chris Packham has accepted the invitation of Population Matters to become its latest patron. In accepting, Chris said, “In my work with wildlife, the impact of ever growing numbers of people, both in the UK and around the world, is all too clear. These affect nature through intensive agriculture, chemical pollution, disturbance, loss of habitat, pressure on water, over-hunting and over-fishing, and of course climate change.

With the world population now approaching seven billion, and wild species becoming extinct at hundreds of times the normal rate, we really have to recognise the connection and think hard about our sheer numbers, as well as our consumption and technology, if we want a sustainable future for all of us, people and wildlife alike.

For me, it’s not just wildlife that’s running short. The record food prices we have seen this year are a wake up call people should not ignore; and ever more people make it ever harder to deal with climate change. We have to recognise that our lovely little planet has limits.

That’s why I am very pleased to join Population Matters’ distinguished patrons in their support for the campaign to encourage individuals to limit their family size, and persuade governments to give everyone access to family planning and help them to use it. This is one UN Millennium Development Goal which is as important for wildlife as it is for people”.