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Population Matters is a membership charity that addresses population size and its effect on environmental sustainability. We see population growth as a major contributor to environmental degradation, resource depletion and other problems. To address these, we conduct research, inform the public and advocate improved family planning, better sex education and women’s empowerment, which together yield smaller and thus more sustainable families.

  • We were founded in 1991 in the United Kingdom and we are now an international organization with thousands of members across dozens of countries.

  • Our vision is of a sustainable future with decent living standards, a healthy environment and a stable population size.

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  • Our purpose is to promote smaller families throughout the world in order to reduce human population numbers to a sustainable level. We in addition encourage mindful consumption.

  • Our goals include universal access to family planning services, an end to discrimination against women and a global convergence in living standards.

  • Our mission comprises research, education and advocacy and is guided by our values.

  • Our policy positions are intended to help bring about government and business action to address unsustainable population growth.

  • Our income comes primarily from our many individual members.

  • The people associated with our organization include our patrons, advisory council, board, team of staff and volunteers and members.

  • Our governance is intended to affirm our responsibilities to others, improve our performance and minimize risk.

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  • Information about our activities and finances can be found in our financial, quarterly and annual reports.

  • Until 2011, Population Matters was known as the Optimum Population Trust.

  • We are a company limited by guarantee (3019081) and a registered charity (1114109). We are governed by our Articles of Association.

  • We work with other organizations within alliances. We have no other affiliations.

  • We are unconnected with, but endorse, the blog Population Matters.