Population in Asia

Asia is both the largest and most populous continent. It is currently home to 4.6 billion people – more than half the world’s total population. China and India are the world’s most populous countries by a large margin. China still tops the list at 1.4 billion but India is expected to slide into first place by 2050 due to slow progress in decreasing fertility rates.

Not all Asian countries have growing populations. Japan’s population has been slowly shrinking for the past few years due to low fertility and immigration.

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24 January 2017

18 million Chinese babies since end of one child policy

The Chinese government has released figures for births in 2016, the first full year since the end of the country’s one child policy. The 18m number is 7.9% above the number in 2015. According to a senior Chinese official, “the family planning policy adjustments were extremely timely and extremely effective”.

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9 December 2016

Panic and pragmatism: population in Korea and Japan

South Korea’s official statistics agency has just announced that it expects the country’s population to shrink by 8 million over the next 50 years. Currently around  50 million, the agency projects that the population will peak at 52.96 million in 2031 and then gradually decline to 43 million in 2065.

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