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Population is a global issue. That applies whether in rich countries where per capita consumption drives climate change and devours global resources - or in poorer, less developed countries where high birth rates trap people in poverty and can devastate the local environment. The impacts of our human population affect us all – empowering people to make better choices, wherever they are, will lead to a better future for us all.

That’s why our strategic plan sets down the ambition ‘To take PM global over the next 3-5 years’. Our goal is to have a presence and effect across the world. In partnership with other like-minded bodies and individuals, we want to influence national and international policies and action on population, as well as to empower individuals to make the informed, responsible and free choice to have smaller families.


Kenyan woman with baby
Piccadilly Circus, London

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  • £10 will help us develop our online outreach to audiences across the world.
  • £20 will enable us to fund the feasibility study for establishing PM’s presence with key partners outside the UK.
  • £50 will support our lobbying efforts at the UK and UN for an international policy framework on population.
  • £100 will provide core funding to commission pivotal, agenda-setting research mapping out the path, policies and means for achieving a lower, sustainable global population.


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Population Matters is one of very few organisations campaigning for a sustainable global population. We need your support.