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Help make 11th July Population 'Breakthrough' Day

30 years ago, the UN established 11th July as its annual World Population Day. We want to use the date to elevate population growth to the world’s front-page headlines – and have begun to deliver a strategy focused on achieving just that – but we need your help.

Please donate whatever you can to make 11th July World Population 'Breakthrough' Day.

Only as a result of our efforts did World Population Day 2018 receive attention in the UK last July. On the day we started to deliver our three-year strategy by taking to the streets of London with a real-time digital world population counter.

Watch our two-minute video of the day, and the disbelief and shock the clock inspired amongst the passing public.

With your support we are ready and poised to build on this in 2019 – delivering events in New York, London, and Lagos that will grab the attention of the media and public on three continents.

Then, by World Population Day 2020, we aim to have built up a critical mass of support – from people and partner organisations around the globe – to present a case to the UN for an international policy framework on population; similar to its approach on climate change.

It will cost £20,000 to achieve our ambitious plans, but we can’t do it without your support.

How you can help

£10 could help run events in New York, London and Lagos on 11th July 2019

£20 could support our UN policy framework scoping

£50 could help build another Big Foot sculpture for use overseas on World Population Day

What else can I do?

On 11th July 2019: spread the word by emailing, sharing tweets and messaging.

By 11 July 2020: show your support for a UN policy framework on population, and encourage friends and family to do likewise.


Thank you for your generosity.

All donations received from this appeal will be spent achieving Population Matters’ goals, be that in the UK or globally.

Wherever it will be most effective, that is where it will be spent.

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