In 2015, nations around the world committed to achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Across 17 areas of action, the SDGs are intended to be "a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet", ehnhancing the quality of life while protecting the environment. Despite excellent progress in many areas, many of the SDGs are unlikely to be achieved by the target date of 2030.

The Goals do not include achieving a sustainable population. Until the global community commits to a shared goal of ending and reversing population growth, achieving the goals and maintain them will be  impossible to do.

Sustainable Development Goals missing element graphic

According to a 2019 UN assessment

“Meeting the demand for resources from a growing and more prosperous population, while protecting the environment and combating climate  change, remains a central challenge for achieving sustainable development.”  

We are calling on UN Secretary General António Guterres to:

  •  Issue a statement expressing support for smaller families, and recognising the value of ending and reversing population growth.
  •  Embed positive measures to address population in the implementation and work of existing UN frameworks and bodies, such as the SDGs, IPCC and Convention on Biodiversity.
  •  Explore options for the development of an international multilateral framework to address population and demographic challenges, equitably, compassionately and effectively.

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Call for UN action