Help KOMB GREEN Solutions fight COVID-19, restore the environment and prevent unwanted pregnancies in Kenya's 4th largest slum.​

Located in Korogocho, KOMB GREEN Solutions is a community-based green restoration project that has revived polluted rivers and drainage systems, planted trees, and are looking forward to incorporating family planning best practices within their projects. After witnessing first-hand the terrible consequences of restricted access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, the team is more than ready to help prevent unwanted and unintended pregnancies. 

Please help the team raise £5000 to support their amazing work during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.


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KOMB GREEN Solutions Population Matters


"We're trying our Best to Change our Korogocho community. The change we all want begins with me and you."

- Fredrick Okinda, Chairperson KOMB GREEN Solutions

Fredrick tells us that the community-based, people-centered organisation founded in 2017 was established by former gangsters and prostitutes who decided to transform their lives by 'engaging in a meaningful green activity away from crime'. 

"We created a recreational park along Nairobi River and the idea was to have a safe space where the youth could relax without being harassed by the police and to clear a huge heap of solid waste that was acting as a thieves’ den - and spilling in the river."

More about KOMB GREEN Solutions

KOMB GREEN are located in Korogocho A village, one of seven villages found in the great expanse of one of Kenya’s largest slums. The team created a recreational park along Nairobi River to have a safe space where the youth could relax. The group has 70 active members and the recreational park received recognition for the best public space in Nairobi in 2018. The transformation in waste management practices is also mitigating negative health impacts common in informal settlements while improving livelihood prospects for members.

Environmental Achievements
  • 20 Species of trees planted in the park and along River Nairobi
  • An eco-friendly toilet that uses sawdust for flushing
  • Continuous clean up of the neighborhood and Nairobi River
  • Organic garden, now a source of income and food security
  • 100 young people have been rehabilitated through Komb Green Solutions
  • The park has a playing ground that hosts 300 children every weekend
  • A single toilet serving 60 people per day
  • An Urban garden in the park feeds 10 households of 6 members per every harvest

Sexual and Reproductive Health 

In the short term, the team plans on piloting condom distribution once a week to those in need for at least two months. A packet of 120 condoms costs about KES25000 (approximately £19). Going forward, they would love to integrate this aspect of family planning into their green project.

"That will help us with our campaign against unintended pregnancies leading to abortions. Whenever we do the clean up of the polluted Nairobi River, we always find aborted babies dumped into the river."


    KOMB GREEN Solutions' Activities

    Empower to Plan Ghettoh Clean Youth Group

    Help KOMB GREEN today with

    • Purchasing protective gear like gumboots, gloves, overalls, helmets, and industrial masks for cleaning of the river and the neighborhood.
    • Acquiring a water tank to supply water to the residents.
    • Constructing public sinks in the park for washing hands.
    • Purchasing wheelbarrows and hoes.
    • Distributing condoms and holding family planning information sessions.
    • Raising awareness of their work.