Endgame 2050 Live Panel Discussion

Endgame 2050 poster
4th February 2021

"Humanity has backed itself into an ecological endgame as we approach mid-century."

​The important new documentary ENDGAME 2050 provides a sobering glimpse into the bleak future we are headed towards unless we embrace the transformative change required to turn the tide on our biggest environmental crises. 

Featuring musician Moby along with leading scientists, and created by physician-turned-environmentalist Sofia Pineda Ochoa, ENDGAME 2050 is an urgent call to action to tackle the existential crises bearing down on the planet.

(The full film is available to watch for free at the link above.)


Join us for a virtual live-screening of the population segment of the film, followed by a panel discussion with:

Sofia Pineda Ochoa, physician and film-maker

Prof Paul Ehrlich, renowned ecologist and author of the seminal Population Bomb, Population Matters Patron, and President of the Center for Conservation Biology and Co-Founder of the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) at Stanford University

Alisha Graves, family planning and maternal health expert, President of Venture Strategies for Health and Development, and Co-Founder of the OASIS Initiative at University of California, Berkeley

Leilani Münter, retired race car driver, environmental activist and Population Matters Patron


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