The Time is Now. Mass Lobby 2019

10 June 2019

Join us in Westminster on 26th June for The Time Is Now, a Climate Coalition Mass Lobby for climate, nature, and people. Together we can send a clear message to politicians.

We will rally around Parliament, coming face to face with our MPs to tell them that The Time Is Now for action on climate change and the environment. We’ll snake round Westminster, organised town by town, village by village, and meet our MPs one-by-one to tell them that we want action!

We’re calling for the UK to end its contribution to climate change and pass ambitious new laws to create a healthier environment for people and wildlife.

As Population Matters, we would love to also see action to encourage smaller family sizes as having one fewer child is the most effective way for people in developed countries to reduce their carbon emissions over the long term.

The Time is Now mass lobby is being organised by a coalition of organisations that represent millions of people across the UK.

Population Matters supporters will first meet at 12:30pm at Trafalgar Square before joining other groups in Westminster (Parliament Square) at 1:00pm.

Climate Change Coalition

26th June 2019 - 12:30 to 16:00

Parliament, Westminister, London

TRAFALGAR SQUARE meet up for PM supporters

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