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Ghettoh Clean Youth Group needs more support. Can you help the team extend their vital work in Kibra, Africa’s largest slum?

Following the successful fundraising for Ghettoh Clean Youth Group, your support helped Ghettoh Clean to put measures in place to ensure improved sanitation facilities within their community in response to the coronavirus emergency. With your help, Ghettoh Clean were also able to offset the shortage of condoms in the region, caused by the onset of the pandemic, and they began their plan to scale up the limited family planning services offered in Kibra.

Unfortunately, the emergency continues, with more than 20,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Kenya alone. As people in the community are now losing their livelihoods and even their homes as a result of the crisis, they also face the challenge of maintaining the new sanitation services that you helped to provide.

With £1,500 Ghettoh Clean will be able to continue to provide its community-based response to the pandemic over the months to come. Ghettoh Clean will also be able to extend its solid waste management programme to more households, which ensures environmental conservation through responsible waste disposal.

Population Matters will match the donations received, to achieve a total of £3,000 for the continued support of Ghettoh Clean.

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Ghettoh Clean VolunteersGhettoh Clean Volunteer

Ghettoh Clean Youth Group 

In 2019, Population Matters Director Robin Maynard, and Florence Blondel, Campaigns and Project Officer, visited Kibra, in Kenya. Here they met members of the community who expressed their desire to have smaller families, access to contraceptives and family planning services and education, and a clean environment free from congestion and poor sanitation. They also met Brian Omariba, the founder of Ghettoh Youth Clean Group, a community-based group that was set up to achieve good health and sanitation practises in Kibra and provide livelihood opportunities for young people who may otherwise resort to crime.

“I initiated a garbage collection activity after holding the campaign in Kibra. We managed to get 83 clients who were impressed by our work...This was a good start for the garbage collection and it was very motivating to continue. Later we continued with our cleanups and noticed a bigger change in the previously dumped areas including the stream.” Brian Omariba, founder of Ghettoh Clean

The community also wanted to expand the few family planning services offered in the community to include sexual education, covering prevention, and management of STIs.

“People mostly here in the slums, they don’t have education about family planning. That’s one thing we want, education because people don’t care much about family planning.” - Kibra resident

Your Impact

Thanks to your support for their first fundraiser, Ghettoh Clean went on to:

  • Purchase ten hands-free operated tippy tanks and taps, basins, buckets and detergent for safe handwashing
  • Procure water, a scarce resource in the slum, to operate the facilities
  • Source personal protective equipment including gumboots, gloves and face masks
  • Purchase more than 6,000 condoms which were distributed at handwashing points by Ghettoh Clean and another community-based organisation in Korogocho
  • Fund the cost of six volunteers to start giving eight family planning sessions over two months.
Ghetto Clean-upGhetto Clean Handwashing Tank

What your new donation will achieve in Kibra, Makina Ward

Ghettoh Clean needs your extra support to help them continue with their coronavirus response project, as well as expand their solid waste management scheme. Here is just some of what your donation will achieve.


£10 will help Ghettoh Clean to purchase three more packs of gloves, whilst £20 will allow the team to buy one more pack of face masks. They aim to purchase at least ten more packs of gloves and face masks.

Regular handwashing and the wearing of face masks has been advised by the World Health Organisation as an important part of the fight against coronavirus.


£50 will help to purchase 50 litres of liquid soap.

Along with the continued staffing and maintenance of the new handwashing facilities, this will help the people of Kibra to continue to follow good hygiene practices during the pandemic. The team hopes to purchase at least 400 more litres of soap to enable the longer-term provision of the handwashing facilities.


£100 will enable Ghettoh Clean to procure four wheelbarrows to use in the waste management programme.

More wheelbarrows help the community volunteers to collect and dispose of solid waste from more households safely, which helps to conserve the environment.



Donate Now

Please support Ghettoh Clean

£0 £1500
Raised £1142 of £1500
Campaign is ongoing
Empower to Plan Ghettoh Clean Youth Group

Support Ghettoh Clean today with

  • Environmental conservation through responsible waste disposal.
  • Solid waste collection from an increased number of households.
  • Building youth capacity and knowledge, skills, and networking for partnership in improving waste management.
  • Creating livelihood opportunities for vulnerable youths. 
  • Continuing the longer-term emergency response to the ongoing pandemic, through the support of handwashing facilities and sanitation equipment.

“The extension of the coronavirus fighting initiative will be a great help to address the continued spread of the virus in our slum.” - Brian Omariba

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