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Report: Ageing populations are good

18 October 2018

A new opinion paper published in Trends in Ecology & Evolution argues that societies should embrace ageing populations instead of fearing them.

One-in-five UK mammals facing extinction – urgent action now

13 June 2018

A recent study has found that one in five mammals in the UK face extinction. Climate change, loss of habitat, use of pesticides and disease were identified as main factors. PM patron Chris Packham has warned that the UK faces “an ecological apocalypse” – but one we can fix.

Three million more in 10 years. Is England’s growth sustainable?

1 June 2018

The population of England is expected to grow by three million people by 2026, according to the latest release from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The population of every region in England is also projected to increase by mid-2026, with London set to grow fastest.

Our new patron: a “vegan hippy chick in a race car”

14 May 2018

US racing car driver Leilani Münter has become Population Matters’ newest patron. Combining her career driving very fast cars with untiring environmental activism, Leilani is a passionate supporter of the population cause.