The groups on this page are, to the best of our knowledge, organisations which share Population Matters’ values. However, it is not possible to fully evaluate them all and inclusion does not indicate that we endorse or support the policies or positions of any organisation listed.

International organisations, institutes & networks

United Nations Population Fund
Population Media Center
Population Reference Bureau
Population-Environment Research Network
Population Council
Population Institute
Rutgers International
Population Action International
Global Population Speak Out
Thriving Together
Partners in Population and Development
Population and Sustainable Development Alliance
Global Footprint Network


All countries – Forum of African and Arab Parliamentarians on Population and Development
All countries – Population and Climate Change African Forum (PACCAF)
Ethiopia – PHE
Kenya – African Institute for Development Policy
Kenya – CHASE Africa
Madagascar – Blue Ventures
Madagascar – PHE Madagascar
Nigeria - Population Explosion Awareness Initiative
Uganda – CTPH
Sahel region – OASIS




All countries – Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development
Bangladesh – Bangladesh Society of One Family One Child (BOFOC)
India – Forum for Population Action
India – Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh
India – National Commission on Population
India – Population and Development in India
India – Population First
India – Population Foundation of India
India – Surbhi Pariwar Foundation
Japan – NPO 2050
Japan – Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning
Pakistan – National Institute of Population Studies
Philippines – PATH Foundation Philippines


All countries – European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development
Belgium –
Belgium – One Baby
Belgium – Population 2.0
France – Equilibres et Populations
Germany – DSW
Germany – Herbert-Gruhl-Gesellschaft
Hungary – BOCS
Italy – Rientrodolce
Netherlands – Club of 10 Million
Sweden – Population Matters Sweden (not affiliated with Population Matters)
Switzerland – Ecopop

Latin America and the Caribbean

All countries – Inter-American Parliamentary Group on Population and Development
Argentina – Population Matters Espanol (Spanish-speaking branch of Population Matters)

North America

All countries – Inter-American Parliamentary Group on Population and Development
Canada – Canadian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development 
Canada – Population Institute Canada
United States – Center for Biological Diversity
United States – Earth Overshoot
United States – Earth Policy Institute
United States – Having Kids
United States – Population Communication
United States – Population Connection
United States – Scientists and Environmentalists for Population Stabilization
United States – Transition Earth
United States – World Population Balance
United States – Worldwatch Institute


Australia – Stop Population Growth Now
Australia – Sustainable Population Party
Australia – Sustainable Population Australia
Australia – Victoria First
New Zealand – Sustainable Population Sustainable Future
New Zealand – Why Populations Count


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