You Before Two is a UK-based sex education project with big ambitions. It aims to scale up, taking its life-changing programme to hundreds more vulnerable adolescent girls in Nottinghamshire.

However, to achieve this goal, this aspiring social enterprise needs your help to raise £3,000.

Choose this project to empower girls at high risk of sexual exploitation and teenage pregnancy with the facts on contraception and relationships. With your support, more vulnerable girls can gain the knowledge and encouragement they need to avoid unplanned pregnancies and take control of their futures.


About You Before Two

Mission: To help adolescent girls at high risk of teenage pregnancy to make informed, positive decisions about their fertility and their futures.

Type of organisation: A volunteer-led, educational project in the process of becoming a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Founded: 2015


Summary of work: 

Working with partner schools in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, You Before Two takes small groups of 12- to 14-year-old girls through a fun and supportive sex education programme called ‘GirlsTalk’. This 8-week course equips the girls with essential information on contraception and healthy relationships, with the aim of empowering them to make their own informed choices. 

To help the girls understand the impact of their family planning decisions on the wider world, GirlsTalk includes a session on the issue of unsustainable population growth (in week six). As with all the course content, this material is delivered with compassion and care, emphasising a woman’s right to freely choose the number and spacing of her children. 


Crowdfunding for sex education


The problem

Since the project started in September 2015, 48 girls have completed the GirlsTalk programme. We want to ensure that more girls have access to this opportunity. At least three other local schools have expressed an interest in hosting the programme for their girls, and there are many more girls in the wider community who would benefit.  

The solution

To meet this demand, You Before Two needs your help to raise £3,000. This money will:

  • Cover the costs of developing the project over two years 
  • Allow the organisation to scale up and increase its impact – with the aim of benefitting a large number of girls regionally 
  • Increase the project’s reach to three new schools, and build the capacity to receive referrals from the wider community 
  • Enable You Before Two to transition to a Community Interest Company. 


Why Nottinghamshire, UK?

Although the number of under-18 conceptions in Nottinghamshire has dropped over the last two decades, the area still contains persistent ‘hotspots’ where teenage pregnancy rates don’t appear to be decreasing significantly. 

Here – as elsewhere in the country – there’s now a pressing need for sex education to empower young women and girls. Following recent, widespread cuts to contraceptive services in England, The Advisory Group on Contraception (AGC) has raised strong concerns that unplanned pregnancies will increase in affected areas. 

Evidence strongly suggests that teenage pregnancy is detrimental to a woman’s health, education and career potential, and that the child of a teenage mother is up to three times more likely to become a teenage parent herself. 


Why You Before Two?

You Before Two’s GirlsTalk programme has been specifically designed to meet the needs of at-risk adolescents by founder Rebecca Foljambe, a GP specialising in family planning. 

In the two years it has been running, this effective programme has already seen promising results. To get an idea of its impact, see the girls’ comments – written in their own words – in the images above. 



Donate to You Before Two today to: 

  • Help girls at high risk of sexual exploitation and teenage pregnancy take control of their futures 
  • Empower them with the facts on contraception, healthy relationships and planning a family 
  • Equip young people with knowledge about the negative impacts of unsustainable population growth 
  • Help mitigate the effects of cuts to contraception services in the UK – the country with the highest rate of teenage births in Western Europe. 

“Thank you so much for reading about our GirlsTalk programme, which we hope will form one of many programmes we offer in You Before Two. With any funds you are able to donate we will make sure only the girls benefit. Our aim is to educate and empower young women growing up in a deprived area, and to prioritise the enrichment of their minds and bodies, before even considering having a baby. Our girls will be taught to look in the mirror and tell themselves it is ‘you,’ that matters. To find the best you, before making you two.” 

– Dr Rebecca Foljambe, Founder of You Before Two