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Population Matters has been conducting research and producing briefings and government submissions for more than 20 years.

  • Dried Up Futures Report

    Drought and desertification are the worst environmental crises facing the world today. Our report Dried Up Futures examines how these interconnected disasters are driven by population growth, and the urgent need to act now to save our future.

  • Population Matters Magazine Spring 2024

    In this edition, we talk Population Health Environment, a new report detailing the impact our numbers are having on some iconic animal species and we welcome Amy, our new CEO.

  • Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

    Our statement submitted to UK parliament’s Environmental Audit Select Committee

    An examination of the relationship between climate change and population growth, the effects of this relationship on displacement and population flows, both within the UK and across borders – submission…

  • Letter to the Foreign Office calling for PHE Policy

    Population Health Environment (PHE) is a multisectoral approach to achieving environmental conservation, reproductive healthcare, and sustainable development goals. PHE has been proven to have better results than single sector projects,…

  • Can enhanced reproductive health empower women in the fight against poverty?

    When women in low-income countries have greater control over their reproductive choices, including family planning and access to healthcare, it leads to a decline in fertility rates. This briefing sheds light on the intersection of poverty alleviation and enhanced reproductive health for women and girls.

  • Breaking Silos report summary

    Population Matters’ summary of the Breaking Silos report by Delacroix, Hardee and Speidel. The report analyses the impact of population growth on vulnerable communities and challenges the view of some that population dynamics and reproductive rights should not be linked.

  • Population Matters Annual Report 2022-23

    Population Matters believes that a better future is possible – one where humanity co-exists in harmony with nature, prospering on a healthy planet. This year our team has spoken out…

  • Nigeria Population: Citizens’ Perception Survey Report

    In partnership with Nigerian organisation Cislac, in 2023 Population Matters commissioned the first ever nationwide survey of views on population in Nigeria.

  • Population Matters Magazine Autumn 2023

    Our Autumn 2023 magazine.

  • Vanishing Icons

    Six detailed case studies of charismatic megafauna at risk of extinction due to the pressure of human population growth.

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Note: Documents published by Population Matters in the past may not reflect current policies or positions.