We currently have one vacancy.

Chief Executive Officer

As Population Matters looks to embark on the next phase of our evolution, we are seeking a dynamic and visionary Executive Director to provide strategic leadership, drive the growth in our impact, and advance our mission. We are a non-profit organisation with a strong commitment to our vision: a future in which humanity co-exists in harmony with nature, recognises and respects ecological boundaries, and prospers on a healthy planet. One in which future generations of children grow up in a regenerating, wildlife-rich world, sustained by resilient, thriving ecosystems.

We catalyse positive action by fostering choices that will help achieve a sustainable human population and regenerate our environment. We do this by promoting positive, practical, ethical solutions – empowering people everywhere to choose smaller families and championing more sustainable consumption. We foreground human rights, women’s empowerment and global justice. We are informed by experts with input from our Expert Advisory Group, our Patrons and other key stakeholders and partners.

As our new Executive Director, you will join us at an exciting point to capitalise on our moment thanks to recent organisational development and growth and work towards our organisational goals.

For further details and to apply please see the job posting with Harris Hill here.


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