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Family Planning in North America

Population Matters believes that everybody should have equal access to sexual and reproductive health education and services.  This directory can help you to find family planning resources and services across the USA and Canada. 


Family Planning Clinics & Services in the USA

Sexual and reproductive health advice and services for people of all ages across the United States of America, and services available in each state.  

Family Planning Elevated Family planning information, resources and clinics across America.

Family Planning Program A nationwide family planning programme of services.

Family PACT Resources and clinics available across the USA. 

Planned Parenthood Sexual and reproductive health services and clinics across USA. 

Scarleteen Online relationships and sex education and free contraception samples for young people.

Family Planning Clinics & Services in Canada

Find some of the services available to you if you live in Canada.   

Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights Find different services available across Canada and in your local area.

Canadian Public Health Association Information and resources about family planning and contraception. 

Halifax Sexual Health Centre Sexual and reproductive health care services for people of all ages in Nova Scotia. 

Options for Sexual Health Sexual and reproductive health education and resources, as well as a nationwide clinic finder. 

Prince Edward Island Sexual Health Services Find out about the family planning services available on Prince Edward Island. 

Saskatoon Sexual Health A non-governmental organisation offering sex education, clinic and abortion services to those in the area of Saskatoon. 

Sexual Health Network of Quebec Resources for those living in Quebec, including resources for young people and a list of local family planning clinics. 

Sexual Health Ontario Family planning information, resources and clinics available in Ontario. 

Sexuality Education Resource Centre Sex education and free contraceptives for young people. Based in Manitoba. 

“Educating and empowering women and girls and providing family planning information enables more people to choose the size of their families.  And choosing to have fewer children is one of the most important choices we can make.” – Dame Jane Goodall


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