More is less

Even more of us means even less for nature.
A better future is possible.

Every one of us places demands upon our planet – the very demands that have caused the changes that threaten us and the natural world we depend on.

Just two hundred years ago, there were less than one billion people on Earth. Today, there are more than 7.9 billion and our population is still growing. Unless we take action there are likely to be two-and-a-half billion more people by 2100 – and that doesn’t leave much space for nature.

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All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people, and harder – and ultimately impossible – to solve with ever more people.

Sir David Attenborough, Population Matters Patron

We can fix this

The United Nations has released its new projections for global population growth today. Those are projections, not predictions, and they show that if we commit to gender equality, modern family planning, education and economic development where people are disadvantaged today, we can improve lives and end population growth sooner. You can read our response to the new figures here.

Current world population

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