Making our mark on World Population Day

On World Population Day 2018, Population Matters took to the streets of London with a truck-mounted mobile digital display of the “population clock” – global population growth live. People reacted with surprise, disbelief, and shock. Watch the video, see the reactions – and see the numbers tick up and up.

Population clock on tour

We took the van to many London locations, from Trafalgar Square to the London School of Economics to Parliament and Oxford Street, one of the busiest shopping streets in the world. We also took it to the London HQ of Friends of the Earth, to remind them of the importance of tackling population growth to protect the environment.

The van also joined Population Matters’ London Group as they held a leafleting session near the National Gallery in London, with the help of Anthropocene campaign mascot, Big Foot.

World Population Day gallery

Photos: @roxeneandersonphotography

PM director Robin at LSE

The population clock outside the UK government’s Home Office and Department for the Environment


PM volunteer Florence talking to the public by the Houses of Parliament

 Van at LSE

Van at Trafalgar Square

PM head of campaigns Alistair talking to students at LSE

Watch people's reactions


We want to make 11th July World Population ‘Breakthrough’ Day, by delivering a three-year strategy focused on elevating the population issue to the world’s front-page headlines. But we need your help.


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