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News from Population Matters.

  • Should population be part of the ocean conservation conversation?

    Today is World Oceans Day, a youth-led movement looking to protect and celebrate the world’s oceans and improve our climate. In today’s guest post, oceans activist Daniel Caceres Bartra tells us why population should be part of the ocean conservation conversation.

  • Meet our new CEO

    Population Matters is excited to announce the appointment of our new CEO. Sara Parkin, Chair of the Board of Trustees, welcomes Amy Jankiewicz.

  • Advocating for the rights of girls and women

    The 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68) took place in March. Population Matters’ Choice Ambassador Joan Kembabazi was there and here she reports back on her experiences, which included moderating a UNICEF side event.

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    Embracing the beauty of small families

    At Population Matters, we know that families come in all shapes and sizes but promote the benefits to our planet of choosing to have fewer children. This International Day of Families, let’s look at the beauty of small families.

  • The lingering anxiety around the “p” word

    On the 30th anniversary of the landmark adoption of the Programme of Action in Cairo, people gathered in New York last week to share their successes and challenges in tackling population issues over the past three decades. Our Content and Campaigns Specialist, Florence Blondel, was there.

  • Photo by Alenka Skvarc on Unsplash

    Exploring the links between people, their health and the environment

    Population, Health and Environment is a development approach that recognises the links between local communities, their health and the natural resources upon which they depend. This week, we co-hosted an event to find out more.

  • Mobile phones

    From lightbulbs to smartphones: the practice of Planned Obsolescence

    Planned obsolescence is a strategy where companies intentionally create products with a limited lifespan. It’s a practice that’s intended to maximise corporate profits at the expense of consumers and at great cost to the natural world.

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    The World of Population Projections

    The UN is generally considered the top dog of population projections but are there any viable alternatives?

  • Abortion rally

    Abortion access: blocked paths and rights of way

    Positive news can sometimes feel in short supply, but France enshrining abortion access into their constitution was a genuine moment to celebrate. We thought we’d take the opportunity to look at the general abortion access picture across the world.

  • Ending the Silence on Population and Reproductive Rights

    A new independent report has been released looking at the continuing reluctance to talk about reproductive rights and population as interconnected topics.