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  • Meet our new CEO

    Population Matters is excited to announce the appointment of our new CEO. Sara Parkin, Chair of the Board of Trustees, welcomes Amy Jankiewicz.

  • The lingering anxiety around the “p” word

    On the 30th anniversary of the landmark adoption of the Programme of Action in Cairo, people gathered in New York last week to share their successes and challenges in tackling population issues over the past three decades. Our Content and Campaigns Specialist, Florence Blondel, was there.

  • Six billion units: the Life Cycle of a Smartphone

    Each individual smartphone requires an intensive production process to arrive in your hand. Multiply that by six billion units a year and the environmental impact becomes monumental.

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    Welcome to Gilead: how population fears drive women’s rights abuses

    Back in March, Head of Campaigns Alistair Currie wrote about the disturbing rise in reproductive rights violations committed in the name of boosting population growth. Welcome to Gilead, Population Matters’…

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    Reflections on COP26

    The crucial UN climate summit in Glasgow, COP26, finished on Saturday 13 November. How much did it achieve and how did it deal with the population issue and neglected, positive…

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    Talking population at the UN climate conference

    From 5-10 November, Population Matters attended the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, known as COP26, in the chilly, wet climes of Glasgow. Postponed from last year due…

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    A Booming Success: Population Matters’ 2021 Conference

    On 8th October, Population Matters hosted Boom or Bust, our online and in-person conference addressing the intersection of population and economics, with a focus on how societies can flourish with…

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    PM report exposes the ageing myth

    A major new report by Population Matters busts the myth that a declining birth rate and ageing population spell economic disaster. Silver linings, not silver burdens reveals the benefits of…

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    World Population Day: Celebrating Change Champions

    To mark World Population Day 2021 on 11 July, Population Matters gave awards to individuals and organisations across the globe for their effective and brave work promoting reproductive rights, defending…

  • Choice Matters: Our new manifesto

    Choice matters, in more than one way. That is why we’ve launched a new Choice Manifesto allowing people from across the world to commit to celebrating small families and helping…