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: Biodiversity

News from Population Matters.

  • Megafauna Crisis

    Population growth is driving our most loved animals to extinction. Since 1970, the global human population has increased from 3.7 billion to over 8 billion in 2023, in the same time frame global wildlife populations have plummeted by 69% on average.

  • Earth Overshoot Day: Five ways we can move the date

    Every year, Earth Overshoot Day marks the day when humanity has consumed all the resources that the planet can produce over the entire year. This year it falls on 2 August.

  • Space to Live: A Journey of Discovery

    Over 19 minutes, Nastaran Rahnama tells a beautiful story detailing her journey to discover the extent of our human impact on the natural world.

  • David Attenborough’s greatest achievement

    Population Matters Patron Sir David Attenborough turns an impressive 97 years old on 8 May. The beloved broadcaster has much to be proud of and it is probably no exaggeration…

  • Why vegans should promote smaller families

    Ever more people are adopting plant-based diets for the planet, which leads many to believe that our consumption of animal products must be decreasing. Sadly, the opposite is true, with demand for meat and dairy continuing to shoot upwards due to a rapidly expanding middle class.

  • Can the new global biodiversity deal do the job?

    One million species are at risk of extinction. A new international deal, the Global Framework on Biodiversity, seeks to end that crisis. We look at what the framework contains and what it doesn’t, and ask: will it work?

  • Nature needs a helping hand

    The Living Planet Report was jointly released today by WWF and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), revealing that on average wildlife populations have dropped 69% since 1970, a stark…

  • Human numbers soar, birds plummet

    The fifth edition of BirdLife’s publication, State of the World’s Birds, was released last week. The report details the condition of the world’s bird populations, many of which face extinction…


    In December this year, a new international agreement will be adopted by the world’s nations to combat global biodiversity loss. The post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework is intended to ensure that by 2050…

  • One school, one tree at a time: climate campaigning in Uganda

    Voted Environmentalist of Tomorrow by CNN in 2021, Nyombi Morris is a climate change activist from Uganda. With a mission to educate and inspire young people, he’s one of our…