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: Biodiversity

News from Population Matters.

  • World bee day: Pollinators being pushed to the precipice

    Today is World Bee Day. Bees play a vital role in our natural ecosystems, pollinating flowers and our crops but are in serious decline in the UK and internationally, due to intensification of agriculture to feed our growing population.

  • Sir David Attenborough with Meerkat

    David Attenborough’s greatest achievement

    Population Matters Patron Sir David Attenborough turns an impressive 98 years old on 8 May. The beloved broadcaster has much to be proud of and it is probably no exaggeration to say that nobody has inspired as many people to care about the environment as he has.

  • The merry month of may

    Well, here we are in the very merry month of May! We’re now a week into Population Matters’ Spring Action Month where we ask supporters to consider undertaking one or multiple Spring Actions to help our planet. 

  • Photo by Alenka Skvarc on Unsplash

    Exploring the links between people, their health and the environment

    Population, Health and Environment is a development approach that recognises the links between local communities, their health and the natural resources upon which they depend. This week, we co-hosted an event to find out more.

  • Welcome to Spring Action Month!

    It’s that time of the year again – glorious spring! Population Matters Fundraising Officer, Anthony, suggests three key Spring Actions we would love our supporters to consider.

  • What Is Population Health Environment?

    Population Health Environment (PHE) is an integrated approach to environmental conservation, family planning, and sustainable development. Find out more about PHE and join our campaign.

  • Global Resources Dwindling as Demand Rises

    In the last 50 years resource use has tripled, just as the world’s population has grown from 3.6 billion people in 1970 to over 8 billion today.

  • Vanishing Icons: The Species Still on the Brink

    Last year, Population Matters released the Vanishing Icons report, examining the plight of six species. Here we provide an update on how these species are faring in the new year.

  • Why vegans should promote smaller families

    In this guest blog, medical doctor and environmental filmmaker Sofia Pineda Ochoa explains why all vegans should also care about our unsustainable population growth.

  • World Warning: UN Tipping Points

    The UN’s ‘Tipping Points’ report warns of irreversible environmental disasters, yet only hints at one of the underlying causes: population.