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News from Population Matters.

  • World Population Day 2024: Change Champions

    To mark World Population Day 2024 on 11 July, we are giving awards to individuals and organisations across the globe for their progressive and inspiring work defending the environment, promoting reproductive rights and enlightening the public about the challenges we face and the solutions available!

  • Dried up Futures: Drought and Desertification

    Drought and desertification are the worst environmental crises facing the world today. Our new report Dried Up Futures examines how these interconnected disasters are driven by population growth, and the urgent need to act now to save our future.

  • Six billion units: the Life Cycle of a Smartphone

    Each individual smartphone requires an intensive production process to arrive in your hand. Multiply that by six billion units a year and the environmental impact becomes monumental.

  • Population and the Environment in Nigeria – Too big to go green?

    Nigeria is a country rich with natural resources, but they are coming under strain. With a booming population, what lies ahead for Nigeria’s environmental outlook?

  • The Nigerian Population Conversation  

    In February this year, Population Matters will be convening a Population Conversation event in Abuja, Nigeria. Partnerships, Advocacy and Voice Manager Abimbola Junaid tells us more about what’s in store.

  • 1.5C global heating and a view from Kenya

    With news that global heating may pass the 1.5C threshold in 2024, COP28 takes on a new level of significance. PM Choice Ambassador, Dorcas Wakio, reports on her experience in Dubai.

  • Joan being interviewed at COP28

    A transition from fossil fuels, green education and a health crisis: the highs and lows of COP28

    Population Matters Choice Ambassador Joan Kembabazi tells us about her experience at COP28.

  • Climate Anxiety: Fear of the Future

    With wildfires, floods, and heatwaves on the news it’s apparent how climate change affects the planet, but it’s important to reflect on how it also impacts our mental health.

  • World Warning: UN Tipping Points

    The UN’s ‘Tipping Points’ report warns of irreversible environmental disasters, yet only hints at one of the underlying causes: population.

  • COP28: In The Era of Global Boiling

    COP28 is the focus of efforts to tackle climate change. But when it comes to carbon emissions, we all have more responsibility to bear than we might think.