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News from Population Matters.

  • “The best decision of my life”: The men who chose a vasectomy

    World Vasectomy Day, which falls on 17 November this year, is an annual celebration of the men who choose a vasectomy to help share the burden of contraception and responsible family…

  • The Ripple Effect: How Ongoing Crisis is Shaping South Sudan’s Landscape

    The ongoing Sudan crisis shows no signs of relenting. We explore the far-reaching consequences of the crisis on South Sudan, where we recently launched a new project.

  • Addressing gender disparities and promoting equality

    Joan Kembabazi is the founder of the Ugandan organisation Gufasha Girls Foundation and a Population Matters Choice Ambassador. In July 2023, we were delighted to assist her to attend the Women Deliver Conference.

  • Earth Overshoot Day: Five ways we can move the date

    Every year, Earth Overshoot Day marks the day when humanity has consumed all the resources that the planet can produce over the entire year. This year it falls on 2 August.

  • There are no climate change sceptics here! 

    Sani Ayouba is from Niger and runs the local branch of an African youth climate activism network, JVE. In this guest blog, he talks about the challenges he faced growing up, his childhood dreams and the important work he’s engaged in today.

  • Could you go flight free for one year?

    There’s no doubt that we’ll only address our environmental challenges by doing things less, and few things will raise your emissions so much as taking a flight.

  • Nature needs a helping hand

    The Living Planet Report was jointly released today by WWF and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), revealing that on average wildlife populations have dropped 69% since 1970, a stark…

  • Human numbers soar, birds plummet

    The fifth edition of BirdLife’s publication, State of the World’s Birds, was released last week. The report details the condition of the world’s bird populations, many of which face extinction…

  • Fighting floods, patriarchy and child marriage in Pakistan

    An estimated 1,325 people have died in Pakistan’s floods, including 466 children. These are girls and boys whose dreams were cut short by a changing climate and communities who are…


    In late June, Project Drawdown, the world-leading study of climate change solutions, published updated information on a range of solutions to reduce carbon emissions globally. Family planning and education, resulting…