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: Consumption

News from Population Matters.

  • The real cost of an iPhone

    Population Matters’ new report examines how consumption is killing our planet, and how Apple, and all of us, can help to save it.

  • Greenwashing: what is it and why does it matter?

    Greenwashing. You’ve almost certainly heard of it, but what exactly does it mean and what is being done about it? We look at the practice and why we should be vigilant against corporate claims to be “green”.

  • Could you go flight free for one year?

    There’s no doubt that we’ll only address our environmental challenges by doing things less, and few things will raise your emissions so much as taking a flight.

  • Happy Shopping?

    Where does the compulsion to buy come from? In this guest blog, Clinical Psychologist Dr Vikki Barnes explores the science behind why it feels good to shop and how to feel better without buying.

  • Taking Action at the Apple Store, London

    With a population of 8 billion and counting, we’re using up the renewable sources of 1.7 Earths. If we continue on our current trajectory, we’ll require 3 Earths by 2050. …

  • The core of the problem: consumption

    At Population Matters, we’ve long intended to launch a campaign targeting overconsumption. At the heart of the environmental crisis that threatens all our futures are our excessive demands on the…