Urge the UK Foreign secretary to reverse devastating aid cuts

Women and girls in danger from UK aid cuts.

The UK Government has announced it will be cutting aid to the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) by a staggering 85%, which has been estimated to lead to an additional 250,000 preventable maternal and child deaths, 4.3 million unsafe abortions and 14.6 million unintended pregnancies.

Combined with the planned 25% reduction in funding for girls’ education since 2019, this move is a devastating blow to the most vulnerable women and girls who are already suffering disproportionately due to consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It also runs counter to claims by the Prime Minister of prioritising family planning and girls’ education, as well as of putting the global climate crisis at the heart of the UK’s foreign policy – according to Project Drawdown, removing barriers to contraception and education is the second most powerful available climate action.

Please urge the UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly to reconsider this terrible move.

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