Online Event: Breaking silos on gender, reproductive rights and population

In preparation for International Women’s Day and the Commission on the Status of Women, Population Matters is delighted to be launching a new, independent report: Breaking Silos: Ending the Silence on Population and Reproductive Health and Rights.

LAUNCH EVENT: 04 March 2024, 3PM – 4pm (UTC)

Thirty years ago, an international conference in Cairo set the agenda for international work on population, family planning and women’s rights. Much has been achieved since then, but much is left to do. Is it time for a fresh look at the links between population and reproductive rights?

Authored by Céline Delacroix, Karen Hardee and J Joseph Speidel, the Breaking Silos report analyses the impact of population growth on vulnerable communities and examines the challenges and opportunities arising from the linkages between sustainable development, reproductive justice and demographic change.

Amid the political, economic and environmental challenges of the 2020s, it asks whether a new approach, with people’s rights at its heart but more fully engaged with population issues, offers opportunities to advance the goals set out in Cairo

The full report will be launched at 8am (UTC) on the day of the event.

Join us for a webinar discussing the report’s findings and exploring related issues.

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Dr Céline Delacroix

Senior Fellow, The Population Institute, USA. Adjunct Professor, The University of Ottawa. Co-author of Breaking Silos report.

J. Joseph Speidel

Senior Fellow, The Population Institute, USA. Professor emeritus, Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, University of California. Co-author of Breaking Silos report.

In anticipation of the Commission on the Status of Women and its theme of poverty and gender equality, the webinar will also feature a presentation by Population Matters’ Content and Campaigns Specialist, Florence Blondel. Florence will summarise her briefing for CSW – which she will attend – on the role of reproductive rights in tackling poverty.

Florence Blondel, Population Matters

The webinar will provide a unique opportunity to discuss these critical issues. We welcome everyone seeking to support reproductive justice, gender equality and sustainable development to join us for this important event.

Join us for the launch!

If you would like to attend this webinar, please register at the link below.