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Population Matters statement on Prince Harry Vogue interview

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30 July 2019 immediate use

Population Matters statement on HRH Duke of Sussex’s comments on family size

In response to the Duke of Sussex’s comment in his Vogue interview with Dame Jane Goodall, stating that he and the Duchess plan to have a maximum of two children  for environmental reasons, Population Matters director Robin Maynard says:

“It’s a fantastically responsible and effective choice that Harry and Meghan have made, because choosing to have one less child – particularly in a rich developed economy like the UK –  is the most effective eco-action you can take. We have to look at our family size and consumption in the rich West, as well as helping to provide the means and power to make that choice to people in the developing world who may not currently be free to make it. Dame Jane Goodall herself, who is a patron of Population Matters, has been leading by example in her work to empower women with family planning in Tanzania – a win-win situation benefitting people and the natural world.

“As the Duke recognises, we’re out of harmony with the environment we live in, which is the planet Earth, the only home we’ve got. Having a smaller family is a positive choice we can make for future generations and it’s really inspiring to see this discussion opening up, and people with the profile and voice of the Sussexes leading that conversation.”


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