Donate stamps to population matters

If you are in the UK you can now donate your stamps to Population Matters for free! We accept any stamps: new or used, marked or unmarked. Any and all UK and overseas stamps are accepted.

Step 1: Please carefully cut or tear about a centimetre border around any stamp that you are sending in. There is no need to remove the stamp from the part of envelope it is attached to.

Step 2: Please then pop your collected stamps in a standard-sized envelope, weighing no more than 100g and no thicker than 5mm, and post them to us at:


Population Matters

The Chandlery

50 Westminster Bridge Road

London SE1 7QY.

*Please remember to write FREEPOST on the envelope.

Please send in no more stamps than fit in a standard size letter / C5 sized envelope. To make sure that the stamps reach us and do not incur additional charges please do not overfill any envelopes ensuring that the stamps fit in a standard size and not ‘large letter’ as per Royal Mail guidelines and that the envelope is less than 5mm thick.

If you have any questions please email

We will collect your stamps together and, when the collection reaches a certain weight, we recycle the stamps. For every kilogram of stamps we recycle we raise about £20.


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