How much do you really know about biodiversity loss? Take this quick quiz to find out.



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How many species are currently estimated to be threatened with extinction?

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Since 1970, by what percentage have wild vertebrate populations declined?*

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Which of these animal groups has the highest proportion of threatened species?*

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Which of the main drivers of wildlife decline is exacerbated by human population growth?*

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Tigers are an iconic endangered species. There are now more tigers living in captivity than in the wild. True or False?*

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10,000 years ago, wild animals made up 99% of the weight of all vertebrates on Earth, and humans made up 1%. What is the composition of global vertebrate biomass today?*

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What is the greatest threat to polar bears?*

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What is the conservation status of the Bornean orangutan?*

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Deforestation and forest degradation, and the associated loss of forest biodiversity, are mainly caused by the expansion of urban areas. True or false?*

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Biologically speaking, how many species of great ape (hominids) exist today?*

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Large species contribute more to the overall health of ecosystems than small species*

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How many mass extinction events were there before the current crisis?*

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