How much do you really know about population? Take our quiz to find out!

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What does the world’s human population currently stand at?

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Scientists are calling this period in the Earth’s history the ‘Anthropocene‘. What does this mean?

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Globally, the current average TFR is 2.3. What does TFR stand for?

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Despite enormous gains in wellbeing and economic circumstances, what …% of the world’s population still live on less than $2 a day?

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We are now using natural resources at almost twice the rate that the Earth can renew them. By 2050, what is the estimated number of Earths required to supply our demands?

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Choosing smaller families now could result in several billion fewer people by the end of the century. True or false?

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Which of the main drivers of biodiversity loss is exacerbated by human population growth?

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We need ever more young people to fight population ageing. True or false?

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The United Nation’s medium (most likely) population projection for 2100 is…

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You can’t reduce the population without coercion or abusing human rights. True or false?

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To achieve true sustainability, we must tackle the root causes of environmental degradation:

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In 1950, the global population’s annual growth rate was 1.9%. Today, the growth rate is only 1.05%, so that means total population growth is lower today than in 1950. True or false?

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