Upgrade your planet, not your phone

Don’t fall for the iCon

Every object we buy comes at some cost to the environment. Now, so many of us buy so much that the Earth cannot withstand it anymore. Tackling the overconsumption that is driving environmental crises from climate change to biodiversity loss means changing our behaviour as consumers, and challenging the forces that encourage us to buy more and more things we don’t need. That means the drive for growth and high profits, and the marketing campaigns and social pressures that make us consume.

In recent years, smartphones have become indispensable to many of us, but new models are constantly brought to the market with features we don’t really need. When they arrive, advertising, influencers and the media all try to persuade us to part with our money for them. It’s time to recognise that pressure for what it is, and say #iDontBuyIt.

With a market value of $2.27tn, and $365.8bn in annual revenues, Apple’s reign relies mostly on iPhones, which generate over half of its income. About 500,000 iPhones are produced a day, accounting for half of all Apple’s revenue – that’s 350 iPhones every minute.

The annual production and release of new phones is intended to lure consumers into replacing their still-functioning handsets and accessories. While far from the only company to do it, Apple has championed this model of planned and perceived obsolescence, persuading us that a luxury like an iPhone is a necessity.


Apple is to be commended for positive steps it is taking to reduce its environmental impact, including the goal to be carbon neutral by 2030. While we recognise their sincerity, any steps they take ultimately amount to greenwashing while they persist with their fundamentally harmful model of producing, marketing, and selling marginally changed new products every year, perpetuating the excessive consumption of things we don’t really need. That’s why we’re calling on Apple to take the lead and adopt a truly planet-friendly approach.

How can you help?

Please support the campaign by emailing Apple CEO Tim Cook, and respectfully asking him to change the narrative and put planet before profit.

Second, it’s not just about what others do, but what we do. You can take some or all of our pledges below to help reduce your impact on the Earth. We’re all in this together.


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