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Women around the world want the power to choose how many children to have – and when. Evidence shows that where women are empowered, there’s a natural fall in birth rate. Yet many women – both in developed countries and in the Global South – lack the contraception, knowledge and freedom to take control of their fertility.

To help tackle this issue, we’ve joined forces with selected grassroots NGOs to create Empower to Plan crowdfunding. It’s your chance to get behind effective family planning providers, back their projects and increase their impact.

Help us empower more women to plan – for their own sake, and for the wellbeing of future generations and the planet that sustains us all.

Our partners are carefully selected grassroots NGOs. Each is taking practical action, aligned with our mission and values, and with a proven track record of impact.

“The way forward is the full realisation of reproductive rights, for every individual and couple, no matter where or how they live, or how much they earn. This includes dismantling all the barriers— whether economic, social or institutional — that inhibit free and informed choice.” 

- UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem

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Empower to Plan Ghettoh Clean Youth Group

KOMB GREEN Solutions

KOMB GREEN is a Kenyan environmental conservation and regeneration project in the informal settlement of Korogocho. The local team, led by at-risk and street-involved youth, has worked tirelessly over the past year to transform an area of wasteland on the banks of the Nairobi River into a community park. They have planted fruit and bamboo trees, welcomed 300 children to a new children's playpark and begun an organic vegetable garden to provide food donations for families in need.

Last year, our Empower to Plan COVID-19 campaign provided KOMB GREEN with condoms and sanitary and hygiene equipment to keep the team safe during the first wave of the pandemic. After disastrous floods in May, KOMB GREEN is now seeking emergency support to protect the People's Park. With your help, the team can raise flood defences along the banks of the Nairobi River, as well as expand their family planning and urban agriculture projects with murals, radio broadcasts and schools workshops. Will you join us in being at the forefront of flood protection and climate mitigation for one of Kenya's most vulnerable communities?

KOMB GREEN Solutions

You Before Two

Small charity You Before Two was set up in 2015 by Dr. Rebeccca Foljambe to deliver workshops on healthy relationships, consent, contraception, and the consideration of the environment within family planning, to small groups of children in some of the most deprived parts of Nottinghamshire, UK, where teenage pregnancy rates remain some of the highest in the country.

You Before Two has seen a significant reduction in expected funding as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The charity needs help to continue delivering its work to some of the UK's most impoverished children, as well as fulfill its goal of launching a brand new website and online resource area for teachers and young people. Can you help You Before continue to educate and empower the next generation?

You Before Two
Empower to Plan Ghettoh Clean Youth Group


Ghettoh Clean Youth Group was set up in 2015. Its mission is to conserve the local environment through responsible waste disposal. It also plans to empower the community through the enhanced provision of family planning services, with the goal of fighting the increasing number of HIV infections and early pregnancies in Kenya. As a youth group, its work creates opportunities for young people in the area, who may otherwise find themselves resorting to crime.   

In response to COVID-19, you helped Ghettoh Clean to launch new handwashing facilities, and obtain condoms to be distributed at the handwashing points, helping to offset the lack of contraceptives available from the local health facility due to the ongoing crisis. Ghettoh Clean now need more support to maintain and expand their new facilities long-term as the coronavirus crisis continues. Can you help? 

Ghettoh Clean

How it works

  1. Find out about the projects which Empower to Plan aims to support
  2. Donate (from as little as £10)
  3. 100% of your money goes towards Empower to Plan projects*
  4. Stay tuned
  5. Keep checking back here for updates, new projects and the success stories you’ve helped make happen.

Population Matters will use 100% of your donation to empower women (and enable men to fulfil their responsibilities regarding family planning and women’s rights) through healthcare and family planning – which bring additional economic and environmental benefits. Population Matters will bear all of the costs of running Empower to Plan. If you’d like to contribute towards the running costs, please donate here.

*100% of your donation will be used to help fund empowerment projects, with all administration/running costs being borne by Population Matters. Whilst Population Matters will take into account any preference indicated in the making of your donation as to which project you’d like to support, Population Matters has the discretion to use some or all of your donation for other empowerment projects.


Positive impact on the population, people and planet

  • Help meet the unmet need for family planning around the world
  • Our partners deliver entirely voluntary family planning, grounded in human rights
  • Send a clear message to decision-makers that you’re concerned about the impact of unsustainable population growth on communities – and that it’s time to address the population issue.

As well as meeting unmet need for family planning, Empower to Plan projects often benefit people and planet in other ways – helping to tackle cultural barriers to women’s reproductive rights, provide education for girls or protecting fragile ecosystems and wildlife.



Why family planning? 

More than 200 million women lack the contraception, knowledge and support they need to take control of their fertility.

Many women face cultural barriers – such as patriarchal attitudes or traditions of early marriage – preventing them from choosing the number and spacing of their children.

Unplanned and unwanted pregnancies can limit their life choices and keep their families trapped in a cycle of poverty, as they struggle to provide for more children than they can afford.

Meeting women’s unmet need for family planning and empowerment not only gives them the chance to improve their own lives, but naturally brings down birth rates – helping tackle the wider issue of unsustainable population growth.

Population Matters is primarily a campaigning and awareness-raising charity, but alongside this essential work we’re keen to support likeminded organisations that are busy putting our recommendations into action.



Do you know any groups that need support? 

Do you know of any effective grassroots NGOs that may require crowdfunding support through Empower to Plan? If so, we would like to hear from you. Please send an email to Catriona Spaven-Donn, our E2P Project Coordinator, at catriona@populationmatters.org today.

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Find out more about the impact of previous on the ground projects that were supported by the generous donations made through Empower to Plan crowdfunding. 

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