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News from Population Matters.

  • Welcome to Spring Action Month!

    It’s that time of the year again – glorious spring! Population Matters Fundraising Officer, Anthony, suggests three key Spring Actions we would love our supporters to consider.

  • What Is Population Health Environment?

    Population Health Environment (PHE) is an integrated approach to environmental conservation, family planning, and sustainable development. Find out more about PHE and join our campaign.

  • From lightbulbs to smartphones: the practice of Planned Obsolescence

    Planned obsolescence is a strategy where companies intentionally create products with a limited lifespan. It’s a practice that’s intended to maximise corporate profits at the expense of consumers and at great cost to the natural world.

  • The World of Population Projections

    The UN is generally considered the top dog of population projections but are there any viable alternatives?

  • Gender equality by 2030? Not likely

    The 68th session of the Commission on the Status of Women ended last week with a call from UN leaders to accelerate poverty eradication and provide necessary funding.

  • Global Resources Dwindling as Demand Rises

    In the last 50 years resource use has tripled, just as the world’s population has grown from 3.6 billion people in 1970 to over 8 billion today.

  • Abortion access: blocked paths and rights of way

    Positive news can sometimes feel in short supply, but France enshrining abortion access into their constitution was a genuine moment to celebrate. We thought we’d take the opportunity to look at the general abortion access picture across the world.

  • Empower to Plan – Transforming lives, shaping futures

    Empower to Plan, our small grants programme, supports grassroots projects on family planning, sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and related themes. As we open the application cycle…

  • Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

    Florence Blondel, our Content and Campaigns Specialist, delves into the transformative impact of addressing the reproductive needs of young girls and women. 

  • Ending the Silence on Population and Reproductive Rights

    A new independent report has been released looking at the continuing reluctance to talk about reproductive rights and population as interconnected topics.