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  • A planet of 8 billion and the future of humanity

    The Journal of Population and Sustainability explores all aspects of the relationship between human numbers and environmental issues.

  • Is population growth yesterday’s problem?

    At Population Matters, we’re often told that population growth is no longer a going concern. But is that really the case?

  • The World of Population Projections

    The UN is generally considered the top dog of population projections but are there any viable alternatives?

  • Conspiracy chaos: coronavirus, Bill Gates, the UN and population

    Over recent years, a growing proportion of Population Matters’ website traffic has been driven by rather odd search terms including “Bill Gates depopulation”, “Agenda 2030 population control”, and “depopulation coronavirus…

  • 8 billion people in the news

    We’re not sure the population issue has ever been quite so front-and-centre in the media as it was on 15 November this year, the day the 8 billionth human alive…

  • Only connect: population & planet

    Three critical events are taking place this month; the COP27 climate talks in Egypt, the International Conference on Family Planning in Thailand, and on Tuesday, 15 November – the symbolic…

  • Do We Really Have Eight Billion Opportunities?

    8 billion strong, 8 billion possibilities, 8 billion innovators. That’s the messaging coming from the UN in recent weeks as we edge towards 8 billion people on the planet. But…

  • A job or a child: India’s coercive population policies

    In some states in India, people face sanctions for having more than two children. We lift the lid on this coercive policy and assess the risk of it being extended to other areas.

  • Population news from around the globe

    With the birth of the planet’s 8 billionth person just around the corner (15 November), conversations around population growth are becoming ever harder to ignore. The facts are striking; half…

  • Population Matters sends “Fake News” award to Elon Musk

    As we have previously reported, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, has an increasing preoccupation with population. With his tweets and comments showing no sign of diminishing or becoming more…