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News from Population Matters.

  • “The best decision of my life”: The men who chose a vasectomy

    World Vasectomy Day, which falls on 17 November this year, is an annual celebration of the men who choose a vasectomy to help share the burden of contraception and responsible family…

  • The Mystery of Demographic Momentum 

    Ever wondered why populations often continue to grow even when a country’s birth rate falls? Meet Demographic Momentum, a little-discussed phenomenon that’s essential to understand if we’re going to get to grips with population growth.

  • Pronatalists in Hungary, population talk in India, failure in New York

    September has been a busy month on the population front, and for the PM team. Head of Campaigns Alistair Currie rounds up the news.

  • A warning, an apology and a promise

    Decades as a medical professional and environmental activist makes Population Matters’ Patron John Guillebaud well placed to talk about population and the need for voluntary family planning and women’s education.

  • A positive nuisance

    This September, our Executive Director, Robin Maynard, will be moving on to pastures new after leading the organisation for seven years. Here, we are posting a recent interview he did with creative agency Made Thought.

  • A new report, an online event and awards aplenty

    World Population Day is always our busiest day of the year, and 2023 was no different. After taking a couple of days to decompress, we wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

  • World Population Day 2023: Change Champions

    To mark World Population Day 2023, we are once again giving awards to a new group of inspirational change-makers!

  • People power not state power – population policies that work 

    We take a look at some of the population policies around the world which gave people choices and improved their lives.

  • Space to Live: A Journey of Discovery

    Over 19 minutes, Nastaran Rahnama tells a beautiful story detailing her journey to discover the extent of our human impact on the natural world.

  • Menstruation, child marriage & fertility rates: the linkages

    Globally, 66% of girls, on average, know nothing about menstruation until menarche – their first period. This injustice contributes highly to early school dropouts, child marriage, and childbearing.