Marking World Population Day in London, UK

As one of the world's largest economies, the UK has the power to be a force for good in addressing population challenges and helping the world attain the Sustainable Development Goals. Because of our unsustainable levels of consumption, however, we also have a disproportionately high environmental impact.

Population Matters will be highlighting these threats and opportunities on World Population Day, when we visit the Department for International Development to hand in a letter calling for action. We will be

  • seeking extra support for the women's empowerment and family planning programmes that help reduce family size and population growth.
  • asking the UK government to support international framework to address population.
  • calling on the government to introduce a Sustainable Population Policy, to achieve a smaller environmental footprint and a better quality of life in the UK.

With an appearance by our campaign mascot, Big Foot, and distribution of leaflets to passers-by in Trafalgar square, we hope to stimulate discussion and debate as we did last year, as our digital advertising van toured the streets of London.

WPD 2018