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Member quotes

Peter Graystone, Newcastle, UK

"I noticed that there were plenty of agencies who worried about the environment and were campaigning to preserve it but that they did not address the root problem of dramatic and unending population growth. I also realised more and more that over-population was not simply an issue for England, but for the world. Somehow, I came across Population Matters around 2008, and realised that a group existed who were prepared to take action."

Valda Lynen, Cannes, France 

"Ever since I found and read Malthus’ Essay on Population — on my father’s bookshelves at the age of 10 — I have felt concerned about heedless population growth. My frustrations have grown ever since at the failure of successive aid campaigns in the third world not to recognise how much of the recurring starvation and misery could have been alleviated with family planning available to all."

Simon Mollison, Oxford, UK

"For me it has been glaringly obvious that population, politics, women’s rights, education and the environment are closely inter-related. Of these, it is the first that is currently most neglected and that is why I support Population Matters."

Polena Riemann, London, UK

"As a biologist and atheist I feel we are just one species among many and have no special rights over the planet, but should use our much-flaunted “superior intelligence” to ensure a good, sustainable standard of living rather than facing maximum numbers fighting over dwindling resources."