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    Only connect: population & planet

    Three critical events are taking place this month; the COP27 climate talks in Egypt, the International Conference on Family Planning in Thailand, and on Tuesday, 15 November – the symbolic…

  • Do We Really Have Eight Billion Opportunities?

    8 billion strong, 8 billion possibilities, 8 billion innovators. That’s the messaging coming from the UN in recent weeks as we edge towards 8 billion people on the planet. But…

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    A job or a child: India’s coercive population policies

    In some states in India, people face sanctions for having more than two children. We lift the lid on this coercive policy and assess the risk of it being extended to other areas.

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    Population news from around the globe

    With the birth of the planet’s 8 billionth person just around the corner (15 November), conversations around population growth are becoming ever harder to ignore. The facts are striking; half…

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    Population Matters sends “Fake News” award to Elon Musk

    As we have previously reported, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, has an increasing preoccupation with population. With his tweets and comments showing no sign of diminishing or becoming more…

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    Earth Overshoot Day – what can we all do?

    Earth Overshoot Day tells us that we are not just exhausting the resources of the planet on which we depend, but are accelerating the pace. Campaigner Maureen Medina looks at…

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    In late June, Project Drawdown, the world-leading study of climate change solutions, published updated information on a range of solutions to reduce carbon emissions globally. Family planning and education, resulting…

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    UN: 2.4bn more people but is end of growth in sight?

    Three years after it last did so, the United Nations has today released its updated projections for global, regional and national population change up to 2100. Its key conclusion is…

  • Too fast, too slow, just right? The UN’s 2022 population projections

    Published today, the long-awaited United Nations global population projections are causing plenty of debate. Should we worry about too many people or too few? Do they mean salvation or catastrophe,…

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    World Population Day 2022: Change Champions

    To mark World Population Day 2022 on 11 July, we are giving awards to individuals and organisations across the globe for their progressive, effective and brave work promoting reproductive rights,…