Welcome to Spring Action Month!

It’s that time of the year again – glorious spring! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re welcoming the longer, warmer days, and nature beginning to blossom once more. Population Matters Fundraising Officer, Anthony, suggests three key Spring Actions we would love our supporters to consider.

Spring Action 1: Support local biodiversity

Population Matters’ core focus remains our ever-increasing global population. Intrinsic to this is for those of us already here to be responsible and make sustainable efforts for our shared natural environments. Spring is the perfect time to be aware of this and we urge supporters to become familiar with our current biodiversity research as well as our HumaNature, and Insect Populations Matter campaigns.

Spring actions for biodiversity you can take immediately include letting your lawn grow by taking part in #NoMowMay. Also, by adding native plants to your garden you can increase biodiversity and attract new life into your local environment. Additionally, please consider leaving areas of your outside space as undisturbed bird and insect habitats. Further ideas provided by Population Matters supporters can be found here. We’d love to see how you engage with your local environment so please email us with pictures of biodiverse species you find in your local area.

Spring Action 2: Fundraise for us

Population Matters needs fundraisers. Longer, warmer days lend themselves to all kinds of fundraising. Will you consider an 8km for 8bn sponsored walk/run/cycle or swim? You don’t need to run a marathon or invest in the latest lycra, running, or cycle gear. How about undertaking a walking challenge? May is the UK’s National Walking Month, so will you consider a #WalkThisMay challenge to raise sponsorship for Population Matters?

Our latest fundraising activity, Pop a Bun in the Oven, is a download-for-donation set of thirteen baking recipe cards with recipes suggested by our staff and fundraisers. Recipes range from sweet to savoury, coming from all over the world. If you’re feeling further inspired you can then use the recipes to hold a coffee and cake morning or bake sale and raise a little money for Population Matters.

For other fundraising ideas, see our fundraising webpage and last year’s Big Spring Plant and Big Spring Sort fundraising activities. You can create your own fundraiser online or take part in our fundraising questionnaire. Our fundraising team is ready to offer all the help you need.

Spring Action 3: engage, Sign up, and share our message

If you’re a supporter and make occasional donations, please consider joining us as a member. By joining now you will receive our latest Spring edition of the members magazine.

Please keep your eye on our news and campaign pages for our latest activities including our recently published Population Health Environment (PHE) work.

Population Matters is active on Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok . Please like, follow, interact with, and share our social media content. You can also join and share our monthly newsletter emails and appeals. 

We really hope that you join us in undertaking some of the above Spring Actions. We’d also love to see any photos of your progress. Please contact us to share your thoughts and experiences.


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