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    UK Sustainable Population Policy needed now – not in 25 years

    Population Matters director Robin Maynard has written to the Secretary of State for the Environment and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove, to urge him to address population pressures on the UK…

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    A hidden agenda? What population campaigners really want

    In January 2018, The Sunday Times published a column by journalist and commentator Dominic Lawson, in which he damned concern for population as a witches’ brew of eugenics, colonialism, coercion, hypocrisy, scientific fallacy and…

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    Imams support family planning in Senegal

    Public health officials and NGOs in Senegal turn to mosques to expand the provision of family planning, The Christian Science Monitor reports. A key first step, results indicate. Senegal is over 90%…

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    “Time is running out”: 15,000 scientists demand action

    15,000 scientists have signed onto a letter warning that the Earth faces environmental disaster unless action is taken to prevent it.  Their warning was published 25 years after the Union of…

  • A century of growth: latest UK population projections

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has today released its projections for population in the UK over the next 100 years. They show a slowdown in anticipated population growth in comparison to…

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    Nobel laureates: population growth a major threat

    A survey of 50 Nobel laureates has found that many recognise population growth to be among the greatest threats to humanity today. A survey carried out by Times Higher Education, in association…

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    Global initiatives support smaller families

    Accelerated population growth poses major challenges worldwide, especially for countries with high growth and few resources to cope. In response to these pressures, initiatives across the globe are underway to…

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    Smaller families most effective action on global warming

    Last week, researchers from Lund University and University of British Columbia published a widely-reported article highlighting the top ‘high-impact’ actions individuals can take to reduce their carbon emissions and fight climate change….

  • Meet Big Foot

    In a week in which scientists warned that other species are facing “biological annihilation”, Population Matters is urging organisations which educate the public about natural history to stop pulling their…

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    Africa: Demographic dividend or population disaster?

    By 2050, more than half of the anticipated growth in global population is expected to occur in Africa. While some leaders see this as an economic opportunity, others can sense a…