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  • Plastic pollution – viral video diver talks to PM

    When British diver Rich Horner captured film of himself swimming through plastic pollution off the coast of Bali, he didn’t expect it to be viewed millions of times.

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    Our new patron: a “vegan hippy chick in a race car”

    US racing car driver Leilani Münter has become Population Matters’ newest patron. Combining her career driving very fast cars with untiring environmental activism, Leilani is a passionate supporter of the…

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    Population growth – Global South leaders speak out

    While reasons for concern over population growth differ according to specific countries, they all point to one thing: that our global population is continually rising beyond the Earth’s capacity, and…

  • Big (royal) families are behind the times

    The announcement of the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge last year was greeted with criticism, as well as congratulations. Some commenters noted that with a soon-to-be family of three,…

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    Population “Factfulness” – where Hans Rosling goes wrong

    Factfulness, the new book by the late Hans Rosling and his family is rightly receiving a great deal of attention. At Population Matters we commend Hans Rosling as a brilliant communicator and a…

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    Empowering women and melted ice: PM conference 2018

    On Saturday, Population Matters’s 2018 conference, Climate change and Us: more feet, more heat? took place in London. Despite appalling weather in the run up to the event, hundreds of…

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    A hidden agenda? What population campaigners really want

    In January 2018, The Sunday Times published a column by journalist and commentator Dominic Lawson, in which he damned concern for population as a witches’ brew of eugenics, colonialism, coercion, hypocrisy, scientific fallacy and…

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    “Time is running out”: 15,000 scientists demand action

    15,000 scientists have signed onto a letter warning that the Earth faces environmental disaster unless action is taken to prevent it.  Their warning was published 25 years after the Union of…

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    Nobel laureates: population growth a major threat

    A survey of 50 Nobel laureates has found that many recognise population growth to be among the greatest threats to humanity today. A survey carried out by Times Higher Education, in association…

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    Global initiatives support smaller families

    Accelerated population growth poses major challenges worldwide, especially for countries with high growth and few resources to cope. In response to these pressures, initiatives across the globe are underway to…