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    Report: Ageing populations are good

    A new opinion paper published in Trends in Ecology & Evolution argues that societies should embrace ageing populations instead of fearing them. The authors demonstrate multiple socio-economic and environmental benefits of shrinking, ageing populations…

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    IPCC report: we need net zero by 2050

    A crucial new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says limiting global warming to 1.5°C requires “rapid and far-reaching” economic transitions. Disappointingly, the report does not call for…

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    Sir David Attenborough: we must act on population

    Population Matters patron Sir David Attenborough was interviewed on the BBC’s Newsnight this week, where he once again spoke out about our unsustainable population growth and the urgent need to address it….

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    Ten thousand walk for Britain’s disappearing wildlife

    Last Saturday, Population Matters joined ten thousand people from across the UK who flocked to London for a ground-breaking event: the biggest march for wildlife the country has ever seen….

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    Why isn’t one Earth enough?

    Today is Earth Overshoot Day – the symbolic day in the year when we have exceeded the Earth’s capacity to sustain us. Just seven months into 2018, according to calculations…

  • Making our mark on World Population Day

    On World Population Day 2018, Population Matters took to the streets of London with a truck-mounted mobile digital display of the “population clock” – global population growth live. People reacted…

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    20,000 scientists ignored – time for action

    Last November, 15,000 scientists urged governments to act to avoid what they bluntly called “widespread misery and catastrophic biodiversity loss”. They identified population growth as a “primary driver” of our global environmental…

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    Poll: 74% want to see a UK population strategy

    According to a national YouGov poll commissioned by Population Matters, 74% of UK adults believe the government should have a national strategy for addressing population, while 64% think the rate…

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    Population and family size – tapping into the zeitgeist?

    The past few months have seen an unprecedented level of attention on population and family size in the media. With articles in The Times, the Washington Post, the New York Times, The Guardian, the BBC,…

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    Three million more in 10 years. Is England’s growth sustainable?

    The population of England is expected to grow by three million people by 2026, according to the latest release from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). The population of every region in…