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News from Population Matters.

  • Sir David Attenborough with Meerkat

    David Attenborough’s greatest achievement

    Population Matters Patron Sir David Attenborough turns an impressive 98 years old on 8 May. The beloved broadcaster has much to be proud of and it is probably no exaggeration to say that nobody has inspired as many people to care about the environment as he has.

  • 2023 in review

    Progress, friendships and change: 2023 in review

    From addressing the UN to the departure of our director of seven years, 2023 was a big year for Population Matters. Alistair Currie, our Head of Campaigns, looks back – and forward.

  • UK Population banner

    Population in the UK – grow, grow, grow

    New population and migration figures from the Office for National Statistics show no sign of an end to UK population growth. Read our statement.

  • SDGs banner

    Pronatalists in Hungary, population talk in India, failure in New York

    September has been a busy month on the population front, and for the PM team. Head of Campaigns Alistair Currie rounds up the news.

  • Teen pregnancy plateaued, abortion through the roof: UK sexual health in 2023

    Rebecca Foljambe is an NHS GP with an extra qualification in family planning, and founder of the charity You Before Two that promotes and delivers accredited Relationships and Sex Education…

  • Woman and child on beach banner

    Having one child: are only children lonely children?

    Although family sizes are shrinking across the world, having just one child is still often not a popular choice. Our Head of Campaigns, Alistair Currie, who is also a father-of-one, looks at reality and myth.

  • The real cost of an iPhone

    Population Matters’ new report examines how consumption is killing our planet, and how Apple, and all of us, can help to save it.

  • KOMB Green banner

    Can we meet our water needs?

    Population Matters will be taking part in the UN Water Conference in New York this week, to raise the critical linkage between water and population.

  • Crowd banner

    Conspiracy chaos: coronavirus, Bill Gates, the UN and population

    Over recent years, a growing proportion of Population Matters’ website traffic has been driven by rather odd search terms including “Bill Gates depopulation”, “Agenda 2030 population control”, and “depopulation coronavirus…

  • Can the new global biodiversity deal do the job?

    One million species are at risk of extinction. A new international deal, the Global Framework on Biodiversity, seeks to end that crisis. We look at what the framework contains and what it doesn’t, and ask: will it work?