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    Four key ways in which human and environmental health are linked

    The way we are treating the planet is not just bad for the environment – we are actively undermining our own health and well-being too. This year’s World Health Day…

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    Tackling population growth in Nigeria: Interview with Chidera Benoit

    Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, expected to become the third most populous by mid-century. This rapid growth,…

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    One river, many tributaries: Talking population in Kenya

    This month, Population Matters Director Robin Maynard attended the Population Conversation Symposium in Kilifi, Kenya. This key event, organised by local public health consultancy WellSense and supported by PM, brought…

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    Reflections on motherhood

    On UK Mothers’ Day, Population Matters Communications Officer Florence Blondel reflects on being a new mother, harmful social expectations and pressures, her childhood in Uganda, and the power of choice….

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    Between the bedrock and a hard place: the future of groundwater

    Today is World Water Day, a global observance day to raise awareness of water-related issues and inspire action to preserve this most precious of resources. This year’s theme is ‘Groundwater,…

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    One-in-three countries not making progress on women’s rights

    A new report has found that while most countries are making some progress towards gender equality, this is happening much too slowly to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…

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    “Bleakest warning yet”: UN climate report

    A major UN climate report was published last week, painting the direst picture yet of the impacts of climate breakdown. With the UN Secretary-General calling it “an atlas of human…

  • Empower women, save the planet

    Today is International Women’s Day with the theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. The event aims to showcase how critical advancing women’s rights is to solving our environmental…

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    Squeezing out the wild things

    Today is World Wildlife Day, the most important annual observance day dedicated to wild species. This year, it will be marked under the theme of ‘Recovering key species for ecosystem…

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    The Anthropocene’s emerging threats

    Humanity’s impact on our planet has profound and far-reaching consequences, some of which are less obvious than others. A new UN report shines a light on emerging environmental threats, including…