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    30 million more women accessing contraception than in 2012

    The FP2020 international family planning initiative has released its fourth annual progress report. The global programme seeks to have 120 million more women able to access modern contraception than in 2012. Now…

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    WWF: we are facing the next global mass extinction

    The 2016 Living Planet report published by WWF today pulls no punches in describing the devastation to our natural world caused by human activity. The report calculates that by 2020 populations of…

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    State of Nature report overlooks population growth impact

    On September 14th, more than 50 nature conservation and research organisations published the 2016 State of Nature report. The report found evidence of significant losses in biodiversity in the UK but overlooked the…

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    Teen pregnancy rates continue to fall

    The Family Planning Association (FPA) has recently reported on the latest teenage pregnancy figures from the Office for National Statistics, which recorded a 6.4 per cent decrease in teenage pregnancies in England and Wales…

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    Our 25th anniversary

    NOTE: This article was published in 2016, before the development of the present website. As a result, some links may not work. Population Matters publications going back many years are…

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    Porritt on British e-NGOs and population

    It doesn’t take too long to open up incredibly divisive discussions about population, development and the environment. For instance, how would you respond to the following facts? 25 years ago,…